First Annual Swinging For Harry Golf Tournament

Filled with great food, fantastic entertainment, a hole-in-one and plenty of fun!  The Filbert Memorial Foundation would like to thank you all but special thanks to the following Sponsors, Supporters, Board Members, and Volunteers:

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  • North Penn Charitable Foundation

  • Cusat’s Café

  • Penn State Hazleton

  • Gus Filbert and Joy Filbert

  • Aggressive Realty

  • Pachence Family

  • The Lombardo Family

  • Mericle

  • The Swankoski Family – Brian, Julia, Jack & Sarah

  • Highway Equipment & Supply Co.

  • Andrew Baranko – 3rd Flight Champion of the World

  • Clarkie

  • Dr. D’Angelo

  • Earl Hunsinger

  • Elwood Spencer

  • Tarones Supermarket

  • Grigoli Chiropractic

  • Standard Speaker

  • Jeff Mason/Leader Data

  • Third Base Luncheonette

  • Rosemary Sebia

  • Mike and Jane Leib

  • Sand Springs and Edgewood 

  • Ovalon

  • Sally Purcell’s

  • Ronald Maue

  • Ed Pane

  • Sharon Novack

  • Nancy Zebraitis

  • Thomas and Jeanette Pugliese

  • Charlie and Peggy Unger

  • Joanie Williams

  • Lindsay Horvath

  • Greg and Kathy Passon

  • Dave and Lori Carswell

  • Jeff and Ben Carswell 

  • Aaron Mason

  • Schoener Family

  • Beth Oros

  • David, Mark, Erika & Delaney Filbert

  • Bob Fellin and Lucy Hoffman

  • Jaclyn Libonate Kreshock

  • Kim and Kyle Lescowitch

  • Lori Frask

  • Dave Skuntz

  • Nicole Naprava

  • Mike Zolota (Vegetables)

  • Attorney Joe Ferdinand 

  • Rostas Cafe

  • Pasco Schiavo

  • Mike/Lou Oster

  • Pauline, Gary, Gary Jr. & Ellen Oster

  • Gia Graphics

  • PNC, The Hazleton Clearinghouse

A special thanks to James Cox, Clarkie, Frank Radice and all the wonderful staff at the Valley Country Club.  Thank you to all the golfers! 

AND Anyone else I’ve missed, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!

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